UMD Harvest FestivalCopy of IMG_7045

This event was held in late September at one of UMD College Park’s state of the art dining halls. The event was held to raise awareness about sustainable food practices, and even featured produce grown at the local “Terp Farm.” My fellow interns and I were dispersed around each station of the dining hall to explain a featured menu item that was sustainable sourced, as well as some helpful nutrition tips about it. For more information on this event, check out my blog post…

Farm to Dining Hall; UMD Harvest Festival

Johns Hopkins Bayview Joint Class day


On Monday December 4th 2017 the Dietetic Internship at Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center hosted a joint class day where dietetic internships from around the area could come together and learn about relevant nutrition related topics from professionals in the field. Today’s lectures were on the inpatient and outpatient management of eating disorders, non-surgical weight control measures, and the current status of bariatric surgery.

UMD Maryland Day

During the annual Maryland Day, held at University of Maryland, College Park, the internship class helped out with the Campus Dining booths set up on campus. One of the stations had hourly cooking demos, and offered free plants for those who came to the presentation. The other station was designed to make passersby more aware of general concepts of sustainability related to food waste and recycling.