Internship Rotations


My clinical rotation was conducted at Baltimore Washington Medical Center in Glen Burnie, MD. It included an eight weeks of rotating with the floor dietitians, followed by a two week staff relief. I rotated with Dietitians covering medical/surgical floors, telemetry, ICU, and the step-down unit. My daily responsibilities included seeing patients due to a nutrition screen or physician consult, giving nutrition educations to patients on a variety of topics, and monitor patient progress after various nutritional interventions. Charting was done on all patients to be signed off by a RD, and I regularly consulted with other medical professionals on the care of patients from a nutritional standpoint.

FX Studios
I also had the opportunity to work in an outpatient setting at FX Studios in Baltimore, MD. FX Studios is a health and wellness facility which has a very comprehensive nutrition element. Sydney Richards RD regularly counsels clients on things like weight management, nutrient tracking, and meal planning. She also will have clients with medical conditions such as diabetes or irritable bowel syndrome, which she can counsel from a nutrition and dietary standpoint.


Baltimore and Loch Raven VA
I completed my 7 week food-service rotation going between the Baltimore city a Loch Raven VA facilities. The Baltimore location is more of a traditional acute care hospital, while the Loch Raven facility is centered around rehabilitation and long term care. During my rotation I assisted the food-service managers at both locations with supervisor/managerial tasks. This included conducting inspections of the kitchens, monitoring and assessing kitchen staff, and gathering patient satisfaction information. I also helped to implement several quality control tests of current food products, as well as  comparing potential new products to the current ones. At the Baltimore VA, my partner and I designed and cooked a healthy food demo for passing residents and staff to sample. Our main projects was to create and serve a theme meal for the residents of the Lock Raven VA. We created a Hawaiian Luau themed meal which was served at an event open to all residents. The menu contained multiple course included items available for residents with modified diets.

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FSNE Snap Ed
I worked withe the Maryland Snap-ed office in Columbia, as well as getting the opportunity to participate in several Snap-ed events around the state of Maryland this included a Smarter Lunchroom tasting, classroom nutrition education, and a recipe demo at the Howard County food-bank.



Campus Dining

At this rotation I had the opportunity to learn about the campus dining food system at UMD College Park. My partner and I also developed many nutritional education resources for both students and UMD dining staff. We created weekly themes for recipe handouts, nutrition tips, and exercise/wellness handouts. We also were able to conduct surveys about campus dining during peak meal times in the dinging hall.


Wellness Corporate Solutions

This corporate wellness company assists several businesses in developing a wellness program for employees. Many of the programs offer incentives for employees to be more active and make healthier choices. I had the opportunity to assist with the development of nutrition related resources for potential clients. I I also created one of the monthly webinars and assisting with online streaming presentations as well as designing resources for monthly wellness activities and challenges.


The International Food Information Council in downtown Washington DC strives to provide research backed nutrition and food science information in a way that is accessibility and easily understood by the general public. While interning there, my partner and I developed many useful info-graphics, blog posts, video storyboards to be used in creating content on a variety of platforms. We also assisted with some data analysis of a consumer health survey that the company conducts annually. The survey aims to track trends of food purchases and ideas towards nutrition and health related to the food you buy.