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I graduated in May 2017 from West Chester University with a Bachelor of Science in nutrition and dietetics. I was born and raised in Fort Washington Pennsylvania as the eighth of eleven children. Growing up, my family loved athletics and placed an importance on practicing a healthy lifestyle. I participated in competitive sports from a young age and found my passion for lacrosse and nutrition during high school. I followed that passion and played a collegiate career for the WCU Women’s lacrosse team. I loved demonstrating a healthy lifestyle and being a nutrition advocate for my team and I continue to want to share that lifestyle balance with other athletes. I’m excited to continue gaining knowledge and experience to further my career as a future dietitian. Outside of nutrition and athletics, I love spending time with my nieces and nephews, hiking around the trails near Philadelphia, attending concerts, and relaxing at the beach.

Link to Resume
Danielle Ferguson Resume


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Internship Projects 

The visuals above are infographics I created while working with the University of Maryland Dining Services!

Social Media Toolkit Abstract

Above is the abstract I created from testing my social media toolkit below!


Presenting my abstract at the DCMAND annual meeting

Social Media Toolkit

Manna Food Center Blog 

Danny and I discuss the importance of community nutrition in our Manna Food Center Blog above.

Eating Disorder Management Tech Tool

For a class project, we were to create a tech tool presentation to highlight how technology is advancing our practice. My tool focused on new eating disorder management tools!

Pediatric Case Study

Having the opportunity to work in a pediatric setting was incredible. The amount of dedication, detail, and support throughout this environment is beautiful.


Getting set up and ready to present my pediatric case study!

Foodservice Theme Meal Book

For our foodservice rotation, my partner and I created this booklet highlighting all of our recipes and hard work for our theme meal project.

Podcast: Staying Hydrated!


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