Clinical: Medstar Harbor Hospital

During my 10 weeks at Medstar Harbor Hospital I gained experience on a variety of floors including telemetry, gastro-intestinal surgery, stroke, maternity and ICU.

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Halfway through my rotation, I presented a mini case study on a patient with Congestive Heart Failure and Type 2 Diabetes who I had given a low sodium diet education to.

I presented the case study to the facility’s dietitians and the UMD Internship Director.

After completion of my rotation I researched, wrote and presented an Case study draft #3 focused on a patient with Adenocarcinoma in the gastroesophageal junction.

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I had the opportunity to complete a two week advanced practice clinical rotation at Children’s National Medical Center. I worked with their Eating Disorders, General Practice and Diabetes outpatient dietitians. Alongside the general practice dietitian I worked with a developmental psychologist, neurologist, speech pathologist and cardiologist in the CANDO clinic where we saw children who were born with a variety of heart defects including one boy with fetal alcohol syndrome upon whom I completed another case study.

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