O U T P A T I E N T   C O U N S E L I N G

After completing my clinical rotation, I did a second clinical rotation focusing on outpatient counseling. I enjoyed my time in my primary clinical rotation and I was excited to observe and learn in a completely different setting. For my second clinical rotation, I had the amazing opportunity to learn about diabetes and pediatric failure to thrive counseling by shadowing dietitians in outpatient clinics and interacting with patients. I went into this experience with knowledge about these conditions but no experience actually counseling these patients one-on-one. After just two weeks, I learned so much about these conditions and their treatments. More importantly, I learned how to motivate and counsel patients. Please continue reading about my experiences in different outpatient settings here: A Whole New World: Outpatient Counseling.

F S N E  –  F O O D  S U P P L E M E N T A L   N U T R I T I O N   E D U C A T I O N

Read for Health

During my rotation with Food Supplemental Nutrition Education, I led a “Read for Health” lesson. This lesson taught the Pre-K students about healthy fruits and vegetables that are available at farmers markets. The kids are encouraged to raise their hands and list what foods they see in the images. The excitement is contagious




F S N E   F A L L   C O N F E R E N C E

FSNE Fall Conference
Half of my time at FSNE was spent preparing for FSNE’s fall conference. My partner and I organized packets of handouts and worksheets to be distributed at the conference. We were also responsible for the registration table at the conference where we greeted guests and helped them sign in.

M O C O   W E L L N E S S

I spent two exciting weeks working alongside Montgomery County (MOCO) Wellness’s registered dietitian. This job requires the RD to visit different occupations within Montgomery county to provide nutrition education and counseling to employees. These occupations include: animal services, public transportation (bus drivers), police stations, detention centers, and most frequently fire stations. Nutrition education is tailored to fit each job. For example, fire fighters have variable hours so finding ways to eat healthy with an unpredictable schedule is a huge part of nutrition education and counseling.

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When we were not working with clients, I worked independently on a diabetes toolkit (seen above). This toolkit highlights the most important tips, information and facts about living with diabetes and will be a wonderful tool for me to help educate patients in my practice as a dietitian. View the PDF version of this toolkit here: Diabetes Toolkit.


As you can see, I had a very productive and busy two weeks at the Terp Farm! My sustainability rotation with the Term Farm was unique because it was split between the winter and spring months. This means that I was able to see the farm in both it’s prepping stage and its growing stage! For all the details of my experience on the farm and at the farmer’s market, check out my blog: Digging Into Sustainability- Part Two.

F O O D  &  F R I E N D S

Food & Friends is a meal and grocery delivery service for those with specific, serious illnesses or diseases including AIDS, cancer, and other life challenging illnesses. This establishment is devoted to it’s mission of giving to those who need it. The staff strives to meet clients where they are, whether it means providing home delivered meals or groceries to go. The dietitians also provide clients with nutrition counseling if the clients are open to it. The Food & Friends staff promotes a positive and connected workplace by hosting weekly meetings with the entire staff, potluck lunches, and bocce ball games at lunch. I was proud to be a part of this energetic, positive, and passionate Food & Friends team for two weeks. During my rotation, I was responsible for creating and designing a flyer and “monthly mouthful” for both August and September. Please see the work I contributed to the facility below!

August Flyer: Manage Your Diabetes Without Stress

August Monthly Mouthful: Manage Your Diabetes Without Stress


September Flyer: National Food Safety Education Month

September Monthly Mouthful: National Food Safety Education Month

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