Nutrition Counseling Tools: Generational Characteristics and Effective Communication

By: Felix Pan Born approximately within twenty years of one another, a generation of individuals may share common experiences from events that shape their beliefs, values and characteristics. One of my recent rotations showed me that these generational influences can impact how we learn, how we communicate and even what we eat. I learned thatContinue reading “Nutrition Counseling Tools: Generational Characteristics and Effective Communication”

Improving Engagement In Data Visualization

By: Felix Pan “EGGS YOLKS ARE SAFE TO EAT! CAN NUTRITION ADVICE BE TRUSTED?” Do you ever see headlines like these? Quick, controversial, and tantalizing! How do these headlines ensnare our attention for hours on end? To help us answer this question, we need to understand informatics: the use of data, knowledge, and information toContinue reading “Improving Engagement In Data Visualization”

Successful Practices From Farm To School

By: Felix Pan Where does our food come from? As a child, I knew that my food came from my home’s kitchen and the school cafeteria. I didn’t know the true origin of the food. But how did the food get into these locations? Surely, it wasn’t growing in the kitchen or behind the cafeteria doors.Continue reading “Successful Practices From Farm To School”