Food Service, It Might Surprise You!

 By: Julie Henderson One thing that I have learned during my dietetic internship is to go into each new experience with a smile, and an open mind. Each rotation within the dietetic internship is a new hands-on experience and you don’t know what to expect. Many times, it is up to you to make theContinue reading “Food Service, It Might Surprise You!”

Stepping Outside Your Comfort Zone to Grow Professionally

By: Julie Henderson The fear of the unknown can be a stronghold. That is what I felt when I was assigned to do my first podcast in my dietetic internship program. I chose this internship program with the University of Maryland, College Park (UMD) because of what I didn’t yet know and what I wantedContinue reading Stepping Outside Your Comfort Zone to Grow Professionally

Communication Considerations for Healthcare

 By: Julie Henderson Communication isn’t always easy. However, obtaining good information from patients or residents on the condition of their health, personal preferences concerning their diet, care in general, social circumstances and lifestyle, in addition to a good medical and family history, is crucial to good health. During my recent rotation at Future Care IrvingtonContinue reading “Communication Considerations for Healthcare”