Writing, Creating, and Presenting Abstracts: A Skill to Carry Forever

By: Melissa Talley Have you ever felt intimidated by reading an abstract? Imagine how it would feel if you were assigned to write one! “I never wrote an abstract before, how am I supposed to do this right?” I thought to myself. As a born perfectionist, I wanted to do everything not only correctly, butContinue reading “Writing, Creating, and Presenting Abstracts: A Skill to Carry Forever”

Developing an Effective Cooking Class

By Danny Turner Making your own food can be incredibly rewarding, and oftentimes a lot healthier than eating out, but many do not cook the majority of their meals. The convenience of buying premade meals or going to a restaurant is a large part of this, but many also simply lack knowledge and experience withContinue reading “Developing an Effective Cooking Class”

Celebrating in style, no matter the texture

By Julia Werth Until a few years ago, when I heard the word “diets” I always thought of weight loss. Cutting calories, cutting fat, cutting whatever foods and beverages it took to lose weight. As I spent more time in nutrition classes and hospital settings (especially during my clinical rotation) diets came to be definedContinue reading “Celebrating in style, no matter the texture”

Expanding Our Nutrition World

By Emily Glass, Alexandra Long, Melissa Talley and Julia Werth Fruits, vegetables, protein, grains, and dairy – the five food groups. That’s nutrition 101 for every dietetic intern. Or so we thought… Recently, four of us had the opportunity to attend a global maternal, infant, and young child nutrition (MIYCN) event held on April 30Continue reading “Expanding Our Nutrition World”