Manna- Yes, you CANna!

By Dietetic Intern: Rachel Amsellem Part of becoming a registered dietitian is being able to effectively communicate with your patients through verbiage, facial expressions, or visuals. During my rotation with Manna, my visual communication skills were put to the test as I was tasked to create a video of a recipe they could use forContinue reading “Manna- Yes, you CANna!”

Swallow and Follow

By: Rachel Amsellem Swallowing, of course, is essential for patients to get the energy, fluids, and nutrients they need. During my rotation at Meritus Medical Center, I learned how speech language pathologists (SLPs) and dietitians work together to assess and manage swallowing problems in patients.  I was extremely interested in seeing a modified barium swallowContinue reading “Swallow and Follow”