From fearful to fearless, my journey through the infamous clinical rotation


One word, just eight letters, but so much fear.

In August, when all 10 interns were first looking over our color-coded schedules many of us were zeroing on just one thing – clinical. It was the one thing we feared. The infamous rotation that could make or break us as interns. Mine didn’t start until January, not until 2018, I had nothing to worry about.

A Whole New World: Outpatient Counseling

By: Kelsey Felter What does a University of Maryland intern do after completing a rotation that focuses on inpatient, clinical training? In my case, I did a second clinical rotation, but one that focused on outpatient counseling. I enjoyed my time in my primary clinical rotation and I was excited to observe and learn inContinue reading “A Whole New World: Outpatient Counseling”

Learning to See Your Goals, Not Barriers

By: Emily Kohler It doesn’t take a dietitian to tell you that America is overeating. There’s food everywhere and plenty of it, right? Actually, not everyone has the ability to indulge—1 in 8, or 41 million Americans experience food insecurity. The reality for those who are food insecure is that instead of overeating endless amountsContinue reading “Learning to See Your Goals, Not Barriers”

A Tribute to the Nutrition Services Unit

By: Danielle Ferguson Some of the important things I learned during my foodservice rotation: 1) Homemade cornbread is amazing, 2) Singing loudly in my car helps long drives go by faster, and 3) the kitchen staff is incredible in their commitment and support to providing patients the appropriate nutrition recommended by the dietitians on theContinue reading “A Tribute to the Nutrition Services Unit”