Creating Connection Through Food at the UMD Campus Pantry

By: Jennifer Pilut As a kid, the food network was one of my favorite channels to watch on TV. I was drawn to the bright colors, cooking tips and fun atmosphere of the cooking shows. This early curiosity in food and cooking sparked my initial interest in a career in dietetics. Fast forward a fewContinue reading “Creating Connection Through Food at the UMD Campus Pantry”

Understanding the Cool Food Pledge

By: Cierra Peterlin Are you familiar with the term “carbon footprint”? We sometimes hear these words being used by companies, individuals and groups who are conscious of the amount of carbon dioxide and greenhouse gasses they are emitting into the atmosphere by way of their activities. In our world today, many people are looking forContinue reading “Understanding the Cool Food Pledge”

Community Nutrition Program Promotion

By: Zoe Rosner What does a dietitian do? Most immediately think of in-patient or out-patient clinical dietetic counseling, but not all registered dietitians work in hospitals and provide medical nutrition therapy. The University of Maryland College Park allows for interns to rotate with a variety of organizations and dietitians in the three major areas ofContinue reading “Community Nutrition Program Promotion”

From Farm to Pantry and Beyond

By: Brandy Leno When it comes to the dietetics field, my heart belongs out in the community. My previous work and volunteer experiences have shown me that, and my time in this internship reinforced it. So, when I learned what my week with University of Maryland’s Green Dining program would be like, I could hardlyContinue reading “From Farm to Pantry and Beyond”