Nourish To Flourish

By: Rachel Miller During my rotation with the University of Maryland Extension Food Supplement Nutrition Education (FSNE) Program I was able to explore a very fun, interactive, rewarding aspect of nutrition – educating elementary school children.  For two weeks, I had the pleasure of working alongside five different FSNE educators, helping to teach nutrition fundamentalsContinue reading “Nourish To Flourish”

A Virginian at Maryland Day

By Michelle Guarnieri Every year, the University of Maryland (UMD) sets aside a whole day in April for fun, educational, community-based activities that celebrate the state of Maryland and the university’s advancements.. During my Freshman year at Virginia Tech, I attended our campus wide activity fair, and figured that Maryland Day would be the sameContinue reading “A Virginian at Maryland Day”

The Gift Of Knowledge

By: Tyler Boatright Anyone that knows me well could tell you I’ve always been horrible at giving gifts. Choosing, wrapping, and delivering presents takes many of the same skills as producing educational content. This idea has been on my mind throughout my rotation at the University of Maryland Campus Dining, where my internship partner andContinue reading “The Gift Of Knowledge”