Podcasts to Both Entertain and Inform

By Linh Nguyen             In today’s information age, most of us love to create, send, receive, and consume information. Information is ubiquitous. Dietitians and nutritionists have quite a big challenge in ensuring clients and patients are accurately informed with the latest evidence-based nutrition information, at the same time dispelling the nutrition misinformation portrayed through theContinue reading “Podcasts to Both Entertain and Inform”

“It is All a Part of the Process”

By Linh Nguyen A former coworker of mine used to say to me, “It is all a part of the process.” I believe those words are a foundational truth that can be applied to almost all aspects of life. My dietetic internship experience started off with my clinical rotation at Sibley Memorial Hospital in northwestContinue reading ““It is All a Part of the Process””