Infographics and Outreach

By Frances (Fran) Miller While in a rotation with Maryland Food Bank, I was able to refine my skills in creating infographics and writing. It was important to understand my audience to create an end product that suited them best. By creating a product targeted towards a specific audience, the information can be both applicableContinue reading “Infographics and Outreach”

Behind the Scenes of Maryland Food Bank

By: Rachel Eldering What do you think of when you hear “food bank”? Maybe you think about large donations or volunteering to sort food. That’s what I thought of before interning with the Maryland Food Bank. My experience, however, showed me an organization that does so much more. My main undertaking while interning at theContinue reading “Behind the Scenes of Maryland Food Bank”

“It is All a Part of the Process”

By Linh Nguyen A former coworker of mine used to say to me, “It is all a part of the process.” I believe those words are a foundational truth that can be applied to almost all aspects of life. My dietetic internship experience started off with my clinical rotation at Sibley Memorial Hospital in northwestContinue reading ““It is All a Part of the Process””

Dining Services from all Perspectives

By: Caty Saffarinia Food trends are evolving and there is a rise in food allergies. This presents a challenge to universities, where students tend to be adventurous eaters. I am grateful that I was able to work with the University of Maryland’s campus dining services team as they strive to find the best methods ofContinue reading “Dining Services from all Perspectives”


By Megan McClelland Have you ever heard the saying, “teamwork makes the dream work”? During my interprofessional education (IPE) training I experienced this first-hand. As I worked alongside students of other healthcare professions, my eyes opened to the importance of collaboration between nurses, pharmacists, social workers, and dietitians. It was a wonderful opportunity for eachContinue reading “LEARNING THROUGH TEAMWORK”