A Peak into Pediatric Dietetics

By Rachel Eldering Prior to beginning my pediatric rotation at Children’s National Medical Center, I was warned that pediatrics is an entirely different world than general clinical dietetics. Reflecting back on my 2-week rotation, boy were they right! This rotation was my first hands-on experience with pediatric dietetics. I quickly learned that pediatrics has anContinue reading “A Peak into Pediatric Dietetics”

Behind the Scenes of Maryland Food Bank

By: Rachel Eldering What do you think of when you hear “food bank”? Maybe you think about large donations or volunteering to sort food. That’s what I thought of before interning with the Maryland Food Bank. My experience, however, showed me an organization that does so much more. My main undertaking while interning at theContinue reading “Behind the Scenes of Maryland Food Bank”

Community Dietetics in Light of Covid-19

By Rachel Eldering When dreaming about my dietetic internship, I never imagined the commute to my first rotation would be so short. It was ten steps from my breakfast table to my computer where I would start my community rotation with Moveable Feast. But, I truly believe one of the best qualities a person canContinue reading “Community Dietetics in Light of Covid-19”