Roles in Recovery – A day in the life of a dietitian working with eating disorders

By: Caty Saffarinia Food, body image, obsession, control, dieting, and weight are all factors that have become very prominent in society. Who wore it best? What is the best diet to follow to lose weight? How can I look like a supermodel? Media has created a “thin” culture by advertising fad diets, telling people whatContinue reading “Roles in Recovery – A day in the life of a dietitian working with eating disorders”

Getting Comfortable with Being Uncomfortable

By: Sina D’Amico It’s funny how when you start college you are surrounded by new people and places, and over four years you become comfortable; then, post-graduation you once again must begin the same process. As my internship got underway, I found that this unfamiliarity also applied to the learning environment. I had just spentContinue reading “Getting Comfortable with Being Uncomfortable”

Your favorites, but low-FODMAP

By Adam Sachs For one of my recent rotations, I was able to work with Wellness Corporate Solutions (WCS), a company that provides health and nutrition programs to businesses in order to promote a healthier workplace. Having healthier employees improves the overall working environment, and is also cost effective for business owners. One of theContinue reading “Your favorites, but low-FODMAP”